Right now, our goal is to make your environment safe for people.
We can disinfect your premises in Malta & Gozo and make it safe for work and living. Our team is ready to undertake any challenge of fighting COVID-19.

What are the steps to make your premises COVID FREE
  1. Book an inspection appointment. A member of our team will come to your premises to clarify how big and complex it is.
  2. We will revert to you with the proposed date and information regarding the job.
  3. On the mutually agreed date, our team will make your premises COVID free!
What will you get apart from being safe?

We promote your place by posting photos and videos of premises we have disinfected. And you will receive a sticker from us that your venue is COVID free.


By giving us a deposit of 50 Euro via PayPal, you will move your disinfection in the priority queue. Please inform our operator about deposit by calling on +356 99 177 777

We can disinfect some premises at no cost!
Please send us your request via the contact form.

Our company profile during the COVID-19 pandemic is DISINFECTION!


Our goal is to make Malta COVID free in the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, we have more work than human resources to do it. Therefore we are looking for volunteers, specialists, and everyone who wishes to participate in fighting this pandemic. We will greatly appreciate your help.

How to join us?

Please fill in contact form specifying your area of expertise and how you wish to help. You will hear from us as soon as possible.

How will your effort be paid?

Unfortunately, we depleted our resources during development. We are attracting individuals and organizations for donations that will go to support volunteers.

Contact Us

We need your help to make Malta COVID Free!


As a company that suffered from the very start, we still pay everyone who helps us in this project.

It was hard for us to cover start-up expenses. Initial developments were carried out on pure enthusiasm: sleepless nights, intense working seven days a week, and personal financial investments.
Although we had to close our premises at the very beginning of COVID-19, we still wish to pay everyone who is helping us in this project.
But, we need your help to do this, and together we will make Malta COVID Free.

If you wish to provide financial support, kindly press the button below.

We greatly appreciate any help you can provide to us!



Our inventory contains two types of cannons: cold and hot production of disinfectant mist. This new equipment combines developments and optimizations of our engineering team, as it was essential to prevent the disinfector from losing its properties when converting into the mist. While the modifications are different, the effectiveness of both is very high. The main distinction is their method of turning the disinfectant solution into a fine mist. They also vary in weight and productivity.

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From us you can order a mist gun disinfection session of your property as well as buy your own disinfection equipment.



Powered by gasoline generator this cannon can work for a much longer time and covers larger areas. The disinfectant is supplied from a satchel, and a layer of mist evenly spreads on all surfaces.

Field of application: large-scale sites



Ultrasonic generators produce mist without heat. Somewhat similar to a humidifier, but the technology and performance are different.

Field of application: compact spaces


Our technical specialists, doctors, and engineers will always provide consultation during the entire duration of use of the equipment.



Our team arranges the delivery of equipment to other countries. Urgent conveyance to any location worldwide is organized through DHL, as we have a long-lasting business relationship with this company. Shortly we will start the delivery of equipment according to requests. The production rate at this time is limited to satisfy our current clients. However, our manufacturing partners have enough resources to produce much more.

We will be happy to accept your donations, as in the conditions of the crisis, it was not easy for us to cover the start-up expenses.



Operating in the entertainment sector, our company was one of the first in Malta, who faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus drove people away from our amusement centers, and we had to close. The situation demanded immediate action, so we decided to direct all our resources to fight the disease. With our team of engineers and help of various volunteers: doctors, virologists, equipment manufacturers, those with successful experience of fighting the virus, we began to research. After studying the effective methods of combating COVID-19 in Korea, China, Europe and other countries we decided to apply this knowledge in Malta.

As a result of countless hours of brainstorming and intense preparations, our company is equipped with mist cannon and effective disinfectants. The management decided to not only withstand the virus on our premises but also offer the disinfection services for all types of buildings around Malta. We are also ready to share our experience and equipment with other countries affected by the virus.


Multi-Maxx Limited

Bay Street Complex
Level 4, 
St. Georges Bay
St. Julians, STJ 3311
Malta, Europe.

VAT No: MT 20859735
Phone +356 99177777

Please note that our office is closed because of COVID-19.